Staff Environment Advocates

What does a Staff Environment Advocate do?

Staff Environment Advocates within each department play a key part in the University of Melbourne achieving a sustainable campus.

The role of the Staff Environment Advocate is about:

  •  actively promoting University of Melbourne Sustainability initiatives to staff
  •  maintaining own awareness about Sustainability issues around the University
  •  acting as a communication channel between staff and the Sustainability Unit, so that we can develop initiatives and resolve concerns
  •  raising staff awareness about the impact of their workplace upon the environment
  •  providing staff with the tools to improve and minimise their environmental impact
  •  facilitating and supporting staff in creating their own Sustainable initiatives

Staff Environment Advocates' Mailing List and Forum

Mailing List

If you're a SEA, make sure you've made yourself known to us so we can put you on our mailing list. From the mailing list, you will receive monthly Environment & Sustainability Updates containing information for you to champion in your departments, information about the quarterly Staff Environment Advocates' Forum, and (occasionally) information of general or professional development interest.

Please keep your department's representatives' information up to date with us by emailing changes to:

Staff Environment Advocates List

Staff Environment Advocates Forum

The Staff Environment Advocates' forum is a quarterly forum for the communication of environmental issues to Staff Environment Advocates, and for Advocates to raise environmental issues. This is an informal informational meeting run by the Manager, Sustainability. Your attendance will allow you to ask questions and meet peers and contacts.

Minutes are distributed subsequently. Some meetings (depending on the venue we have been able to obtain) can be video conferenced to off-Parkville locations by prior arrangement - we will call for expressions of interest in a video conference ahead of time in each case.

Who is my Staff Environment Advocate?

Download the Staff Environment Advocates List

Please keep your department's representatives' information up to date with us by emailing changes to sustainable-campus@unimelb.edu.au.


Becoming a Staff Environment Advocate

Staff Environment Advocates are formally nominated by the Dean or Vice-Principal (for Divisions/Faculties) or the Head of Department/School (for departments/schools).

To become your department's SEA, first check that nobody else is already doing the job (if so, consider establishing a green team rather than a single rep!). Then seek the approval of appropriate senior staff in the department to become the SEA. Finally, contact the Manager, Sustainability to be added to the database.


Staff Environment Advocates Meeting Schedule

Staff Environment Advocates (SEA) is a forum for the communication of Sustainability issues, and for Advocates to raise Sustainability issues. Interested staff are also welcome to attend. All meetings will be held on a Tuesday from 10.00am – 11.00am.



Download Agenda



Tuesday 10th


Graduate House,
220 Leicester St


Tuesday 19th

SEA Agenda - 19 May 2015

Graduate House,
220 Leicester St


Tuesday 1st

Graduate House,
220 Leicester St


Thursday 10th


Graduate House,
220 Leicester St





Training - Introduction to Sustainability Practices

*Currently not on offer*

Aim: This course will outline the initiatives the University has undertaken towards Sustainability and provide you with practical Sustainability applications you can take back to your work place.
Objective: To provide Staff with the skills and knowledge needed to embed and advocate Sustainability practices in their workplace.