Launch of the Fair Food UniCycle and Growroom

Doug McDonell,
Eastern Resource Centre,
(eastern entry)


More Information

Sophie Lamond

What’s got four wheels, two gas burners and 150 reusable plates, cups and bowls? A Fair Food UniCycle!

Fair Food Challenge are launching their flagship project, a portable bike-kitchen designed to make fair food on campus fun, easy and engaging, on Wednesday 16th of August at 3pm. They will be sharing fair food treats from the Melbourne University Food Co-op, the Melbourne University Farmers' Market and food foraged from campus.

Also being launched is 'The Growroom', an inhabitable, spherical vertical garden that we have been helping to build in collaboration with cosurround.

Supported by our friends at Burnley campus, MaxiPly, Pollinate Energy, Melbourne School of Design, Campus Services, Cosurround and Fair Food Challenge.