SITE TOUR: Melbourne School of Design Building

Melbourne School of Design
Masson Road Parkville, VIC 3010


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Sue Hopkins

T: 03 8344 6794

During World Green Building Week universities across Australia will open their doors for Green Campus Day – Tuesday 26 September 2017. This is a day with a number of sustainable events and tours for staff, students, business and industry representatives, visitors and the community. Currently there are eight tours taking place across Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales.

Take a tour of the Melbourne School of Design, a 6 Star Green Star (Design) building home to highly adaptive teaching spaces flexible to meet evolving curricular requirements including lecture theatres, exhibition and meeting spaces. The building also features a library, a fabrication laboratory and a multitude of informal collaboration spaces.

The University’s Faculty of Architecture, Building & Planning (MSD) - Dedicated to the education of future architectural leaders and experts, the building was purpose designed to inspire, influence and shape the thinking of its occupants and to encourage questions through exploration of its spaces and features. A pedagogical tool in its physicality and deliberate use of raw and exposed materials, the building is a place from which students can literally learn from the walls around them.
The building has a sustainability Certification: 6 Star Green Star 'Design'. It has many sustainability features including those for the reduction of energy (LED lighting), water (750,000L rainwater tank), waste, transport (end of use facilities) and the enhancement of health and wellbeing.

This tour is FREE for all University of Melbourne staff and students and ACTS member institutions.

Tickets are $45 for a business or industry representative, community member or external visitor. If you are a paying visitor please register using the link below and select the Melbourne School of Design ticket:

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