Join UniBioQuest this April to win a one-day Phillip Island penguin tour

With multiple prizes up for grabs, sign up and record your biodiversity sightings around campus.

Sign up to the UniBioQuest competition this month and record sightings of biodiversity you see on campus to win one of many great prizes, while contributing to essential conservation research.

The University has registered to compete in this year’s UniBioQuest, a global competition where universities compete to collect the most sightings of plants and animals using the QuestaGame app.

To help the University’s team win more points and climb higher on the international leaderboard, download the QuestaGame app and start exploring campus!

What’s more, the University staff and students who sight or identify the greatest number of sightings using the app will win some great prizes.

To enter, upload photos of biodiversity you see on campus to the QuestaGame app throughout the entire month of April and identify their species. Gain more points by helping to identify species from other user’s sightings. The more biodiversity you find or help identify, the more gold you collect! Use gold to unlock special features and move up the leaderboard.

Prizes to win

  • Top Spotter Team: Team with the highest number of sightings on campus – Loving Earth chocolate pack
  • Top Identifier Team: Team with the highest number of identifications – Nagula Jarndu Lemon Myrtle Bush Soap
  • Top Spotter: Individual with the highest number of sightings on campus – One-day Phillip Island Tour
  • Top Identifier: Individual with the highest number of identifications – One-day Phillip Island Tour

How to enter

  1. Download the QuestaGame app from the Apple Store or Google Play and create an account.
  2. Fill out the registration form as a UniMelb competitor to qualify for the University’s prizes.
  3. Submit as many biodiversity sightings (plants, animals, insects or fungi species) and help identifiy as many species on campus as possible, and you could win some great in-house prizes!

More about using QuestaGame

Points in the Green Impact toolkit

Competing in UniBioQuest can be logged as actions S003 and P002 in the Green Impact Teams Toolkit, and B003 in the Individuals Toolkit.

Get involved in this great opportunity while you have fun exploring campus, learning about biodiversity in a practical way, and helping the University to better understand and protect its on-campus flora and fauna.

Sightings spotted will become data that contributes to the University’s Biodiversity Baseline Data Project, particularly Metric 7.

More Information

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