Sustainability Week 2023

Small Actions Lead To Big Change


18th-21st September 2023


Sustainability Week will follow four themes throughout the week: health and wellbeing, just and circular economy, healthy ecosystems and climate leadership.

Learn more about native flora and fauna on campus, how to use seasonal produce and reduce food waste, and much more! Each of our events aim to help you experience how small actions lead to big change for ourselves, our community, and our world.


Monday 18th September: Health & Wellbeing

Recycled Craft Workshop

Get creative at this Recycled Art Workshop where you'll make a CD mandala to brighten up your day. Join Queen’s College Op Shop and the Sustainability Team in discussions around upcycling and repurposing “waste” over some choc-chip cookies.

Time: 10-11am

Location: Old Arts, Room 116

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table with various craft materials and hands cutting and making things
Three people looking at cacti in the system garden

Nature Based Art Class in System Garden

Connect with nature in the System Garden through art! Join the University’s Health Promotion Program and the Sustainability Team in this engaging event where nature is your paint brush.

Time: 11am-12pm

Location: System Garden, Parkville Campus

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Vegan Cooking Class

Learn how to make a low-waste and vegan dish that is sure to get your taste buds going! Join the Sustainability Team in discussions around reducing food waste, seasonal produce and learn about organics disposal methods on campus and at home.

Time: 12-1pm

Location: Student Pavilion Kitchen

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A person chopping ginger with a large knife
River Red Gum

Greenspace Mindfulness Tour

Visit secret spaces on campus and participate in different mindfulness activities at each stop. Leave the tour feeling relaxed, focused and armed with the knowledge of how to tap into a zen state while on campus!

Time: 1-2pm

Location: River Red Gum Trees, University Oval, Parkville Campus

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Indigenous Revegetation Planting Day at Werribee

Join the Sustainability Team as we revegetate parts of Werribee Campus with Indigenous Plants. You'll get the opportunity to be part of Werribee Campus' history and help local flora and fauna thrive.

Time: 11am-2pm

Location: Werribee Campus

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Hand outstretched holding a plant in a small amount of dirt

Tuesday 19th September: Just and Circular Economy

Petrie dishes laid on a table with various types of leaves inside

Sustainability in Labs Expo

Find out how Sustainability can be embedded into Labs! Experts from Bio-Strategy, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Eppendorf, and Interpath will be showcasing their new sustainable technologies and delivering a series of presentations.

Time: 10.30am - 3pm

Location: Arts West Atrium

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Clothes Swap

Fight fast fashion and update your wardrobe through a community clothes swap! Participate in a circular economy by donating up to 10 items of clothing and find yourself a snazzy new outfit.

Time: 12-1pm

Location: Arts West, North Wing-456

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Rack of clothes on hangers
hands sewing fabric

Clothes Mending Workshop

Learn how to mend your own clothes! At this garment repair workshop we'll also discuss conscious consumption and how to fight fast fashion.

Time: 2-3pm

Location: G12 Forbo Model Making Space, FabLab, MSD

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A coffee-fueled quest like no other!

During Sustainability Week (Mon 18 - Fri 22), the campus will be buzzing as all of your favourite cafes participating in Green Caffeen unveil their secret stash of 'Golden Ticket' cups.

How It Works
Step 1: Use the Green Caffeen app to order your coffee in a reusable swap cup from any of the following participating cafes: Briscola, Carte Crepes, For Change Cafe, Haymarket, Journey's Cafe, Lionel's University House, Mofo Burgers, Passeggiata, Professor's Walk, Scholar & Co, and Stovetop.
Step 2: Check the cup – does it have a dazzling YELLOW sticker? You're a winner!
Step 3: Enjoy your coffee and receive a FREE coffee voucher for the same venue.

But wait, there's more! One lucky cup at each cafe boasts a GREEN sticker! If you're the lucky one, you score a $15 FOOD VOUCHER to savour a delicious meal at the cafe.

It's a treasure hunt of taste and sustainability, all in one cup! Keep your eyes peeled for that shining YELLOW or GREEN sticker, and let the excitement brew!

Join the fun and be part of the Green Caffeen revolution – one cup at a time.

Learn more about Green Caffeen and how to download the app here

Person holding a reusable coffee cup

Wednesday 20th September: Healthy Ecosystems

A Superb Fairy Wren perched on a branch

Morning Bird Blitz

Discover birds of Royal Park in this expert led Bird Blitz and record valuable data to help urban Superb Fairywrens!

Time: 9-10.30am

Location: Australian Native Garden, Royal Park

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Upcycled Furniture Workshop

Learn how to upcycle furniture with a demonstration from the team at the FabLab Machine Workshop.

Time: 10-11am

Location: G12 Forbo Model Making Space (Glyn Davis Building 133, Ground Floor across from Library)

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Timber table on a workbench
Group of people on a tour gathered around a tree

Biodiversity Tour

The Sustainability Team will showcase biodiversity hotspots on campus including the System Garden and the new Insect Hotel, while giving you the chance to sight unique flora and fauna.

Time: 12-1pm

Location: System Garden

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Thursday 21st September: Climate Leadership

Group of students sitting on grass with expo tents in the background

Sustainability Fair & Vegan Chill n' Grill

Meet like-minded people and find a new group to participate in at this Sustainability Fair. Reflect on the highlights of this week and network with fellow change makers over a vegan BBQ lunch to keep the momentum going!

Time: 11.30am-1.30pm (vegan chill n' grill 12-1pm)

Location: North Court

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Join the Conversation: Reducing Air Travel Emissions Academia

Greenhouse gas emissions from aviation make up 2.5% of total global emissions annually. At the University of Melbourne, we're committed to reducing our air travel emissions by 10% on 2019 levels by 2025, but the path is complex. This is your opportunity to be part of the evolving conversation, as we delve into viable strategies to reduce our aviation emissions and have your say on how the University can address the environmental impacts of our air travel.

Time: 2:00-3:00 pm

Location: Yasuko Hiraoka Room, Sidney Myer Asia Centre

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